What it actually is

Hand-to-mouth gesture recognition

Somatix technology enables the real-time measurement of smoking, drinking, eating, and other hand-to-mouth gestures, using the sensors on smartwatches and wristbands. Our unique filtering algorithm allows a level of specificity and analysis never before available. The data can then be mined for limitless interpretations and applications, both for the individual and our healthcare and enterprise clients.

From micro to macro and back again


Micro: Empowering the people

Helping them understand and improve their health,
one gesture,
one day,
one life at a time.

Macro: Profiting with our partners

Using reporting and analysis to monitor and understand trends,
and to motivate and instill
preventative behavioral health methods.


Impacting the personal, social, and societal

The positive impact of Somatix reaches well beyond better health for people and their social networks. Companies can learn which programs are most effective, gain insight on habits by population and location, answer new kinds of questions, and customize reports to meet their own and their insured population’s needs. It will also become possible to accelerate the integration of preventative behavioral health methods into current healthcare delivery systems. The new possibilities opened up by our unique algorithms and reporting are inspiring.

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