Introducing SmokeBeat

SmokeBeat is a social responsibility digital health app, aiming to decrease the damages caused by cigarette smoking. We do this by improving our users’ smoking habits to guide them towards effective smoking cessation.

Know your smoking statistics

Monitor your smoking habits and get alerts in real-time.

Get credits and incentives

The app provides you with rational, emotional, social and financial incentives for quitting smoking.

Compare your smoking habits to others

Allow others to see your progress and encourage you in your effort.

Set your smoking

Bring yourself to where you want to be in smoking volume. The app also guides and recommends targets.

The experience


SmokeBeat app main features:

Once our software is installed on the mobile device, it reads the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors data from the wearable device. From that data, it automatically tracks puffs and cigarette smoking gestures, identify smoking in real-time and sends the data to cloud based servers.

World's first smoking cessation app using wearables

SmokeBeat works currently on Android smartphones and supports AndroidWear based smartwatches.

Immediate notifications and alerts related to your smoking habits

SmokeBeat identifies your smoking in real-time, increasing your awareness, the key element to help you reduce smoking.


Gradual cessation coaching, followed by incentives

SmokeBeat sets targets and changes them, encouraging you through varied motivational elements.

Group support at your fingertips

SmokeBeat can connect you to your social media of choice, where you can gain feedback and credits from your friends.

Participate in our pilot

We are looking for early-adopters, who smoke, to join our pilot. We provide a smartwatch or a wristband that smokers will be asked to wear on their smoking hand. We ask that they activate the SmokeBeat app on their smartwatch whenever they smoke a cigarette.

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