18 Dec

The Ripple Effect of the Smart Wearable Market.

Some things in life become bigger than what they started off to be. These things start off as an idea, a concept which evolves into a product. The product develops into a marketing strategy and business focused execution. And some of these products completely transform our lives. Wearables are going to this. They transcend their purpose and effect and will continue to do so on many aspects of our lives.

Smartphone vs. Smart wearables:

Before we dive into the smart wearable market, let’s back up a bit to smartphones. Comparing these two markets helps us measure just what kind of…

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15 Nov

Wearable devices – Epic or Fail?

When Google, Apple and Samsung entered the wearable devices market, everyone held their breath, waiting to see how the next big technological promise will unfold. In reality, this market didn’t quite deliver upon previous expectations of revenues, consumer adoption and even technological advances.

The billion dollar question is – why?

The simple answer is time and perception.

The market is still in its early stages and needs more time to evolve. It’s as simple as that. Time (and hard work) will bring this market into what it will be, and once this

market takes off, we will see its tremendous impact on other markets as well.

Perception. Perception…

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