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Somatix is a data-analytics B2B2C software platform company operating in the digital health domain. Our core technology enables real-time recognition of hand-to-mouth gestures in order to help people better understand their behavior and make life-affirming changes and choices. We’re curious and collaborative, and we strive to build experiences that are uncluttered, informative, transparent, intelligent, and intuitive. Our solutions are simple yet sophisticated, powerful and empowering, vividly human and never judgmental.

What we do - Smokebeat as a use-case

SmokeBeat: a powerful proof of concept

Tobacco smoking kills over five million people globally a year and creates an annual global cost of $500B in healthcare expenditures and productivity loss. That’s why we chose SmokeBeat to start with. It detects smoking in real-time to help change behavior through data. Simply put, we aim to save lives one smoker at a time. For health partners, the platform measures the effectiveness of their smoking cessation programs, as well as running a smoking cessation program of its own for the user, comprised of financial, emotional, rational, and social incentives. Learn more at SmokeBeat.com

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Chief Backend

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