Better health through knowledge

Somatix is a new data-analytics platform that empowers people to make better health choices and transform their lives. We learn while they learn and provide our clients with the knowledge to innovate and advance the health care industry in deep and enduring ways.

Data with a purpose

It’s been said, “What we can measure, we can understand. What we understand, we can improve.” Somatix harnesses the full potential of gesture recognition technology to improve both lives and industries alike.

A breakthrough platform for gesture recognition

Real-time insights for individuals

Makings of this first generator on internet

Wearables already help people measure their golf swing to improve their game, their sleep pattern to improve mental performance, their heart rate to prevent illness, and more.

Somatix goes even further, enabling real-time recognition of hand-to-mouth gestures using the sensors on wristbands and smartwatches. The system learns each user, their habits, and responses to provide personalized guidance for ever more ambitious health goals.

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Advanced reporting for
preventative health

Immediate feedback is critical in behavioral health, and our unique algorithms make possible a whole new level of reporting and analysis.

As much as we help individuals understand and modify their behavior, we also help health care partners (insurance companies, et al.) identify trends and set incentives to change health behavior on a grand scale.

$4.99 per month

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Win/win for our clients and their customers

Somatix is a B2B2C platform that benefits all involved. Our health care partners gain knowledge that enables a competitive edge, such as personalized health plans and deep insight on industry trends, and cost reduction. Customers use apps (such as SmokeBeat) to improve their health and save money. We enable both and work closely with our clients to help them gain the most benefit from our platform.

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